Thursday, August 19, 2010


Asalaam Alekum and a belated Ramadan Kareem to you all!

I know we haven't posted for a long while, but here's the update for anyone who might have wondered where we were: I (Baji) moved into a beautiful house a few weeks ago so of course that meant a lot of packing and a lot of unpacking. I'm still not completely unpacked. Then my family (a lot of people) came to visit and then Ramadan started! And now I'm pleased to tell you that InshAllah tomorrow I'll be leaving for Umrah and then off to Pakistan. The whole trip will be about a month so I'm extremely excited! But as this is my first time to Saudi Arabia it obviously means this is my first time visiting Mecca. And I can't even begin to explain the emotions I'm having about visiting the House of Allah. It's almost like since the last 10 days, my feelings are growing exponentially. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm in awe. And almost every day in the past week I have cried at the sheer idea of stepping foot into the land where our beloved Prophet salalahu alayhi wasalaam received his first revelations. The land where Ibrahim alayhi salaam and Ismail alayhi salaam built the House of Allah. And of course even these two grand historic events don't compare to the simple fact that this is the House of Allah. This is where the whole Muslim world faces when they pray. How can one NOT be in awe of this beautiful place? And after only a few days in Saudi Arabia, Poops and I will go InshAllah to Pakistan. And I can't even fathom the enormity of the crisis that has affected over 14million people there. I will do my best to update this blog while I'm in Pakistan so as to give my perspective on the situation there.

And my co-author (Zarga) is in France for most of Ramadan so InshAllah when she gets back to her home in LA she will update the blog with her story. Also you may want to check out our other blog Amreeki World Adventures (the link is posted on the sidebar ==>) for pictures from our trips.

Zarga and I both wish you all a blessed Ramadan and a blessed Eid, InshAllah. And please pray for the Ummah and those who suffer.