About Us

Ahlan wa sahlan!

We're Baji and Zarga, the brains (and beauty!) behind the Amreeki blogs. We're two best friends who grew up in Miami (woot woot) and now live time zones apart. Baji lives near Chicago and Zarga lives in Los Angeles. We both got married in 2008 to the loves of our lives and we think we're better people for it.

We're both young Muslim women with pretty different ethnic makeups. Baji is a Pakistani American while Zarga is French-Algerian American. We love to travel and explore new places and we have a lot to tell the world about ourselves.

So join us if you dare, at Amreeki Choraha for our general topics, at Amreeki World Adventures for pictures from our trips around the world, and at Amreeki Haseena for something beautiful.