Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amreeki Chichora: Facebook

So before I start our first example of chichorapan, I should explain that I'm completely computer illiterate. Poops is my witness to that. I never knew there was such a thing as the PrntScrn button on my keyboard (I mean let's be honest, who looks up there?) so even though I can probably use it now, I'm just gonna post this example anyways since I spent so much time manually editing it (by editing I mean using my camera to take a picture of it, opening it up in paint, and painting out the name of the chichora.) So let's begin.

Our first chichora (well, chichori) comes to us from facebook. Now, I'm sure many of you have witnessed the same thing I witness EVERY DAY on my newsfeed: the same person joining 500 groups and pages every...freakin' This person is always...ALWAYS...on your newsfeed, joining something.

Khawateen-o-hazraat (Ladies and gentlemen) I present: Facebook chichora

Here we can see Facebook chichora becoming a fan of a multitude of pages and groups:

And here, Facebook chichora is admitting they have a problem:

And yes, they're both pictures of the same person's chichorapan.


MuslimFirst said...

LOOOOOOOOOL@ prntscrn (I actually did laugh out loud!) True, who looks at those F keys, not to mention press any of them?! :-)

Ahaaa, so that's what a chichori is, hehe. This is a good place to start, with FB as it's such a big part of MOST people's lives. Thankfully (yes, thankfully) I quit Facebook 3+ years ago. From what I hear, its gotten even crazier . . .

Well cool, thanks for this Baji!

Catch ya later & have a good weekend!

Tauqeer said...

hehe funny

Baji said...

Sorry for replying late!


I'm not a facebook person really, but it's just become a "majboori" because EVERYONE is on there. I don't even think I've changed my profile picture on there since 2007, and in facebook years that's dead. But good for you that ur able to stay away from it, ur life must be so much better not getting constant newsfeed about people "liking" this or becoming a "fan" of that. lol