Monday, May 10, 2010

Detroit Extravaganza

I'm currently in Detroit for a few days. And I'm totally loving the fact that Dearborn is nearby and HAS A TON OF ARAB/HALAL RESTAURANTS. !!!!
I thought I'd be all cool and do some sort of "live blogging" but like an idiot, I forgot the cable to my iPhone and my camera. At first I thought I'd post the pictures on facebook via my iPhone and then copy and paste them on here, but then I'd be a big time chichori and I'd have to write about myself as the next example of Amreeki Chichori.

As I write, I'm looking out over Windsor and Detroit. And this pretty lake in front of me. Ah pretty...scary lake. I'm also totally afraid of heights so staying on the 55th floor of an 80something story building is new for me. New. But I use mind control techniques to get over my fear of heights (it's not really heights I'm afraid of, but I'll explain more later.) This hotel is BEAUTIFUL. Alas, we'll have to wait till the weekend to go over my pictures.

So wish me luck, because as in love with as I am with all the good food here, I still make sure my doors are locked when we're driving. (knowwhatimean?) Detroit's a ghost town, a yummy falafel ghost town bitahini.


Zarga said...

lol Yea there's not much to do in Detroit except eat good hallal food:) Yuuumy! Wish I was there with you.

MuslimFirst said...

Aww, have fun Sr. Baji. Enjoy the food and the lake. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. And, stay safe!

Baji said...

hey u guys, finally made it home couple hours ago and i'm planning on becoming a vegetarian for at least the next 2 weeks just to counterbalance the amount of meat intake i partook in this week.

MuslimFirst said...

Welcome home Baji. Ahh, well good luck with that :-) Yes, I plan to eat more fish, salad and get to the gym when I get back to the States. My cholesterol must be through the roof! *Yikes*

But I do have to climb 90+ stairs to get up to my apartment. :-)