Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teaser Trailer for: Detroit Food Extravaganza

(on the ride home from Detroit)

Poops: When's your baby due?

Me: I don't know. When's your baby due?

Poops: When's your baby due?

Me: Way after yours. When's your baby due?

Poops: No, I'm due after you. When's your baby due?

(No, none of us is with child. But both of us sure look like it. Time to hit the salads and the gym.)


MuslimFirst said...

Hahahahaha. Baji that was funny. Yeah, I have a "baby" due as well. It's getting bigger everyday it seems like. Fat medical student - not too attractive right, especially when I know how the body works, right? At least I haven't given birth, like 4 of my female classmates - yes, all unmarried. :-S

Zarga said...

too funny! I need to give birth too LOL

Tauqeer said...

I feel sooo stranger in here :S

Baji said...


lol You sound like a contractor who lives in a house with a leaking roof. I'm sure that it's just a side effect of ur field. Poops has gained a good 40pounds (at least) since I first met him, and it's mostly cuz he just sits on his butt all day and sleeps on it all night lol. No activity. Luckily he and all his buddies have taken up cricket on the weekends. But now that i've excused Poops, I guess I, myself, have no excuse! lol

Baji said...


girl, please! dont even start lol

Baji said...


lol let me're at a good healthy weight lol, well then, Mash'Allah