Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Love

I absolutely love the HBO show “Big Love.” I LOVE it. And it’s not even a guilty pleasure like nip/tuck or I love money. The only reason I forced my husband to order we ordered HBO was cuz of this show…huzzah! So Big Love comes on every Sunday night and this Sunday is going to be the last episode of the season! Ahh! So, I’m sure ya’ll haven’t been watching Big Love, so here’s the lowdown:

Bill Henrickson: He’s the lead in the show. Husband to 3 wives and I think 8 children. He owns a couple of stores that are kinda like Lowe’s. Anyways, he is played by the devilishly handsome Bill Paxton.
Barb: Bill’s first wife. Barb and Bill got married and they didn’t plan on being polygamous, however, when Barb got cancer and going through the treatments was harsh, they both decided to bring in someone to the family to help out and possibly raise the family. So they married Nicki.

Nicki: Bill’s second wife. She’s very “traditional compound” type of girl. And I really hate her cuz she’s such a bitch sometimes. She also happens to be their prophet’s daughter which is a big deal to her.

Margene: Bill’s third wife. She’s really young and “perky” and often the only optimistic one of the bunch. I think she converted to the religion cuz supposedly she was a rebel in her youth and didn’t really have a family. Anyways, she’s really adorable.

Well, anyways the show is awesome and possibly the best show …ever. I just wish it was more than an hour long each week. Yes, I know I sound pathetic super awesome!

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