Monday, March 23, 2009

Did facebook change its layout AGAIN?

I JUST got used to the whole news feed thing on there and as annoying as it was now I have to deal with this new more improved annoying version of it. And sad thing is*, I'm not facebook savvy enough to know how to edit it.

It's like getting used to a new year. Like when 2008 began, I was always double checking any dates I wrote down to see if I wrote the right year. That paranoia lasted 3 months. Then the next 6 months, I followed every "date writing" with an ode to the years past: "2008? 2008?? When did we get to 2008?! It feels like I was just writing 1997 yesterday!" Ok, so not much of an ode. Then I spent the remainder of 2008 "date writing" contemplating this inevitable cycle of events for 2009.

So here I am. It's 2009. A new year and a new facebook layout. 2009? 2009?? When the f^^^ did we get to 2009?! It feels like I just wrote 1999 yesterday!

* No, it's not sad because I hate facebook and I'm only on there to "keep in touch" with old friends.

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