Friday, January 29, 2010

Omelette du Fromage

I received a lovely package in the mail today! And it's from none other than India (aka Zarga.) So what did she send me?

An Eiffel Tower keychain!

And now I can add it to my growing collection of keychains!


aneebaba said...

Awesome! How cool! Key-chain collector are we? I collect coins, btw. I've actually always wanted one of those mini-Eiffel Towers, as I have a Empire State building mini already from my childhood. Thanks for sharing Baji!

Jumu'ah Mubarak from Prague!

Off to Salah actually!

Zarga said...

awww Im glad u added it to your collection. I remember u had a collection in your old room, I was wondering if you still had it. I'm glad u liked it:)

Baji said...


i'd love to see ur coin collection. my father was a stamp collector and he had this HUGE book from back in the days (lol) filled with stamps. it's so old that even the book binding itself is a rare model! lol


girrrllll, can u believe i "misplaced" like 15-20keychains somewhere in miami? lol it's true, in all the hoopla of moving out my stuff was thrown from one room to another and i attempted twice to search for them but i just gave up. too much trouble! so this is a startover lol