Friday, January 29, 2010

Amreeki Chichora

If you speak Urdu, it's easy to understand that someone can do a slip of the tongue between choraha and chichora. I giggle everytime I do it. However, I have also noticed there is a lot of chichorapan going on lately and I thought hey let's put 2 and 2 together and get Amreeki Chichora! This will be a new series that will highlight some truly chichori activities in the world.

So to explain what exactly a chichora is, I'm going to provide a few synonyms and perhaps an example or two.

Chichora [chih-cho-Rah] :noun, masc., plural: chichoray, synonyms: tacky, cheesy, desperate, cheap, over-the-top, attention-seeker.

Sentence: Stop blasting bhangra music while driving at 5mph through a busy street, you chichora!

Chichori [chih-cho-Ree] :noun, fem., female version of chichora.

Sentence: If that chichori tells me another thing about her "new Lexus," I'm going to kill her IN her new Lexus.

:Adjective, used to describe any activity which involves the synonyms above.

Sentence: Will you boys and girls stop doing all these chichori activities like staring each other down? WE'RE IN THE MASJID!

So as you can see, chichoras come in a variety of ways. Now I'm not going to say I'm safe from chichorapan and above it; we all have a little chichora in us. It's normal. But this is going to be about those chichoras who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Some things to keep in mind:

1.Chichora is a slang word, so don't use it in front of everyone. Some people not to use this word in front of: anyone you respect (like your parents or aunts and uncles.)

2.Use it freely and openly with your good friends and call them out when they're displaying some "chichorapan" (the act of chichoraing, or an abundance of chichoraness.)

3. Anything and everything can be chichorapan, the world is your oyster.

4. Do be prepared for someone to get mad when you call them a chichora or chichori. If said thing happens, take the following action: Discontinue friendship. This person obviously can't take a joke and isn't a good friend.

I reckon you're thinking I'm a mean person. And I agree with you. And here's proof:

notice how no one has refuted my sister's comment.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "You're so mean, why would you do something so sinful as exposing people's chichoraness?" And to you I answer, "Hey, I'm mean. And besides, these people NEED to be exposed. And I'm not using names. So enjoy and have a laugh or two." And that's when you say, "Oh you're right, after a hard day's work all I wanna do is laugh at a chichora. Godspeed Baji and hand me a samosa."


aneebaba said...

*chows down samosa*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was a hilarious post, especially the end! Aww, Baji you ARE MEAN! I'm disappointed - the word Baji and mean don't go together, but *sigh*. hehehehhe

Anyways, I actually hadn't come across the word "chichori" or even "choraha" until I saw your blogs.I've grown up hearing Urdu all my life, though I would respond in English, but have now in the last few years become much more fluent after coming here to Prague to study, as I had two Pakistani classmates (girls) and also a small convenience store run by PP's (Pakistani Punjabis! hehe) So, I have to say, I am looking forward to this new series.

Peace out Baji!
PS I love Chicago, so cool that you live in the Windy City.

Zarga said...

This was really hilarious :D
But I totally disagree... UR NOT MEAN! Luv u Baji:)

Samira Khan said...

lol NO people, she really is mean. lol she doesnt like to hug/show affection/say nice things/cheer someone up/motivate someone to do better in life... oh no, u know HOW she motivates someone to do better? she downgrades them lol like "OH UR NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO DO THIS.. SO JUST FORGET ABOUT IT. ITS TOO HARD FOR U ANYWAYS" HAHAHA but if she wasnt like this, then she wouldnt be "THE" baji !! :)

Southern Masala said...

Ha ha, this is too funny. I will have to use this word on M the next time he deserves it, lol!

Oh, and I have made the mistake of using slangy Urdu terms I didn't know were slangy (not curse words, mind you) in front of my il's and totally shocking them, ha ha. (I can blame that on M too)

Baji said...


i also didnt know choraha until i was creating this blog and poops gave me the name lol. actually, it's the name of a tv show on geo i think, it's called "choraha" lol. im gonna look for a clip to post of it.
it's good to be around desis because desis have quite a different type of humor compared to the west. west is more sarcasm whereas desis just make fun of u. lol


lol luv u 2!


only about 79% of what u said is true. u betta reckonize!

@southern masala

lol i'm interested in knowing which slang words u used lol. the thing with using the word chichora is that there IS a definition and there ISN'T a definition. Like, u could just think everything is chichorapan and act like ur so above it all and ur soo classy lol.