Thursday, January 14, 2010

So where have I been?

Hey everyone, (or anyone….anyone there?)

My God, it’s been months since I’ve written here. I honestly don’t know why it’s been months. I guess I could go with the usual “I had a nervous breakdown,” “I had a spiritual crisis,” “I didn’t know what to write about.”

But that’s a cop out. I guess what best sums up my absence is that I felt like I wasn’t posting anything worthwhile. And while the whole premise of this blog was to post things I would normally share with my friends were we all together again, I guess I felt like what’s the point? Who wants to see my Eid flowers or my decadently delicious 3-minute yumyum?

Poops kept pointing out to me every few weeks or so that I hadn’t posted anything and that who cares what I post, I can’t be helping humanity every moment and with everything I do. (More on my humanity trip sometime later.) So of course, who listens to Poops (it’s true, Poops.)

Then, something so out of the ordinary happened. Something which I couldn’t even believe would EVER….EVER happen. Did I mention EVER? POOPS MADE A BLOG.

Omg omg omg….(I hate all this shorthand talk but the situation requires it) O-M-G!!! Wtf is Poops blogging about? Wha…why…augh.

And like a true soul-mate, Poops knew just how to get me blogging again: getting me angry and embarrassed.

So to anyone out there who still considers this pointless blog worth’s great to be back!
Oh and if anyone, oh God, I can’t believe I’m “advertising” this…if anyone wants to read Poops’ blog…here’s the address:

However, I must warn you, even “I” don’t understand 70% of what he writes about (the few posts that he has) so you’ve been warned. And come to think of it, I don’t think anyone BUT a Pakistani male would understand what he’s talking about. So yeah, if you have a Pakistani male in your life who doesn’t care for spelling or grammar (mostly grammar) and keeps up with cricket (that’s 50% of the posts) and Pak politics…then point ‘em to poops.


Anonymous said...

What the hell does this mean "who doesn’t care for spelling or grammar" - Poops

Baji said...

it means: jisko kisi cheez ki parwa nahin hai, koi sharam nahin hai, koi izzat nahin hai, koi parwa nahin hai!

oh poops, if u were perfect in spelling and grammar then i wouldn't have anything to do everyday

Tauqeer said...

Acha kia!

Zarga said...

ahaha! awww poor Poops! His blog is not thaaat bad :)

aneebaba said...

Glad you decided to come back. Though I've just joined your site, I love the vibe the blog has. Can never get enough of desi life from others' point of view - but of course, Islam is first. Indian male here, and though I don't follow cricket per se, I do love sports and my family is very much into cricket and since I have family in Pakistan as well, we are always following the political situation, so insha'allah, will join Poops (why is his nickname matching "#2?" Loooool, but if he's cool with it, then fine! hehehe.

Baji said...

Hi aneebaba!

Well welcome to the site! I see ur from Bangalore, the first thing i think of when i hear/read Bangalore is COMPUTERS! lol
Where in Pakistan is your family?

And to explain the whole poops thing I'm just going to do a post on the evolution of his name (or i guess devolution?) lol

aneebaba said...

Wa alaikum as salaam Bajiiiiii :-)

Well, as my site says, I'm American, born and raised, but my dad's side of the family is from Bangalore (now actually known as Bangaluru), so I claim that side, as I've never been to Patna (mom's side) and no one is left there anyways. Yes, computers! Silicon Valley of the East, lots of IT stuff going on there for sure.
I've got one khala and her kids/grandchildren in Karachi (Defense colony, if you've heard of it and where both my special Baji's are from, though only one remains there, the other is in NY), where I have been a few times (always stop over on the way to or on the way back from India)

Ok, looking forward to the devolution explanation! Thanks for following my blog too! :-)

Lots of love,