Thursday, May 21, 2009

Algerian (Kabyle) Music Videos

Ahh Kabyle Music Videos! They never change, always the same backgrounds (either on the beach or in the mountains) themes (the guy singing to the girl, who acts like she doesn't want him, but she knows she really does!), and of course the dancing! It's amazing how they dance, well the women, it's like the bottom portion of their bodies are machines that just never get tired! But I have to admit that the way men dance is kind awky (wow I haven't used this word since middle school, it means akward incase people are not aware).

So here's the most common music clip,guy -singing- to- girl -acting -like -she -doesnt -want- him-but -she- knows -she -does, ahhh someone ends up hurt in these music videos, but she ends up liking him again lol

Here's more of a fun song this ones funny, it look like the singer is trying to be cool o and there's even some hoochie mamas lol

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