Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Growing Illiteracy Rate in Iraq

Salam alaykoum!

I was watching the news on Mosaic Link TV, and there was a story from Dubai TV about the growing illiteracy rate in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq. There are about 5 million people, most of them young girls, that are illiterate. What's worse is that this number is growing! The state has been trying to set up programs for the the illiterate youth, especially in remote villages. The major contributing factor to growing illiteracy rate, is the ongoing violence that has plagued Iraq; many children have stopped going to school for fear that they may get killed on their way to school. Plus most schools are far from many rural villages.

Now what upsets me the most about this, is that Baghdad was once the center of knowledge for medicine, science, philosophy, literature, and religion! Now because of the West's (AMERICA!) intervention in Iraq, the Iraqi youth, the future, is scared to go to school, and do not even have the basics, reading and writing, as a foundation for their future.

The Muslim Ummah, nations, kingdoms, and republics, need to come together to end this control that Western countries have over OUR Islamic lands. I know I may sounds like a fanatic, radical, whatever, but it hurts me to see that OUR UMMAH, has lost so much power. There are about 57 muslim countries, why can't they just come together and form this Islamic Alliance that has been trying to come to life?? Why must Islamic countries wait for the West's approval?? Now I'm not even going to start talking about Saudi Arabia, because that would be a whole other post!

My opinion about Iraq under Saddam has not changed, it has only been reaffirmed! Now before I go and talk about it some people might take this completely out of proportion and not understand where I'm coming from. Here goes... lol... I believe Iraq was a better nation under Saddam, now of course there were many things that Saddam did that were evil, especially to the Kurds, but he loved his country, its history, and culture. When Saddam was in power, women were more liberated than they are now! (By liberated I mean free to get an education) Under Saddam, schools, universities were filled with female students, they were even more women than men in some schools. Education was strongly promoted under Saddam. I'm not saying that Iraq was a harmonious state, but at least it had its pride! Illiteracy was practically unheard of! Since 2003, the Iraq youth has lost its right to be able to go to school safely, especially young girls who can't even leave their homes without fear of being raped by US SOLDIERS. The youth has become scared to go to school. I truly believe that if Saddam were still alive and in power he would have been one of the main leaders to push for an Islamic Alliance, and many other Muslim nations would have followed suit, instead of bowing down to the US like may countries are doing today.

Maybe I'm getting a bit carried away, but I am truly tired of the hypocrasy of so called "Muslim Nations". Why must our Muslim leaders compromise and sell themselves short, for what? For the US's approval?? Now not all leaders are like this, the ones that stand up and challenge the US are part of the Axis of Evil lol. It's just so ridiculous, the paranoia and Islamphobia that has taken over America.

Well I know I went way of topic, and made many grammatical errors, but I just had to let that out:)


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