Monday, May 25, 2009

"The Arrivals"

So, this Memorial Weekend was pretty boring for me. I had the day off, but because of my current economic crisis I couldn't do much! lol Noo I'm just being dramatic, Hamdoulillah I have my health, food, and a roof over my head!

Anyways, I was on Youtube looking for interesting things, and I came across a series called "The Arrivals". It basically goes into depth of how Western governments and Media are all part of the Dajjal controlled system a.k.a the Masonic World Order. The series is pretty long, so I just posted up the 3 videos that I found interesting;

The Arrivals pt. 15 (Hollywood & The Promised Land)

The Arrivals pt. 16 (The Media & Islam)

The Arrivals pt. 17 (War on Terror)

Now just a side note, Part 16 about the media in France, is NOT an exaggeration! The comedian Dieudonne was really banned form French TV!


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Baji said...

omg i cant believe i didnt see this until now. thanks for posting this. truly amazing.

Baji said...

so i spent a lot of hours completing the series. there's 51 videos!! but i only saw 15-51.
this is life changing.