Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jaaaadooo jaaaadoooo

So today I was randomly on facebook and decided to actually check out some photos that the news feed tells me have been uploaded by people I haven't spoken to in months possibly years. So I was checking out this one friend's pics and all of a sudden someone special popped into some of her pics. Now by special I dont mean anything special. I just mean that special person was an inside joke for me and some close friends.

So I've decided to tell the inside joke:

I think it was just me and Carlos and we were sitting in GC (the student union in our university) and just having our usual everyday chit chats with food (food or some sort of nicotine was always involved) and then I spotted a tall lanky Indian fobby looking guy walking from one end to the other of GC. And I said to Carlos, jeepers he totally looks like the character Hrithik Roshan plays in that movie, what was that movie? And Carlos blurts out omg he's jadoo. HAHAHAHAHA

So the story is that Hrithik Roshan who is totally handsome and a hunk plays a guy who has the mind of an 8 yr old or something of the sort (I never actually saw the movie) and then there's some ET sort of stuff involved in the movie blah blah. Anyways jadoo (which means magic) is I think the name of the alien but is also a song in the movie. So jadoo became the name of that Indian boy (for us at least.)
sigh. memories!
so here's some pics of "jadoo" even though when we called the indian boy jadoo we meant that he looked like hrithik's character ok u get the point.

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