Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Help Abdullah

Hey everyone!

I have a special request for anyone reading this. As you might have seen, on the right side of this blog I have had up a duah for Abdullah. He is my four year old cousin who is going through cancer (for the second time) and is undergoing chemotherapy to battle it. He was treated the first time (cancer on his face by his eye) at Aga Khan hospital in Karachi and came out successful. However, one year ago, they found the cancer again but this time on his neck. He is being treated again but none of the hospitals in Pakistan are willing to lower the price since it is his second time. First-time cancer patients get priority.
After many inquiries into different (and affordable) treatments, Abdullah has been readmitted into Aga Khan Hospital. He has 20 sessions of chemotherapy left and each one costs approximately Rs.50,000 which is roughly $600.
We're starting this chip-in donation box to help cover at least one of his sessions. This donation box will remain up here as long as it needs to (we just chose March 15 as a "target" date.)
Please donate whatever you can. Even the littlest amount will Insh'Allah find its way to helping Abdullah.
You can visit this site for more info, like the letter from Abdullah's doctor.
You can also join the facebook group, Help Abdullah. (I don't know yet how to link that on here, sorry!)
And if there are any questions or concerns, you can email me at amreekichoraha@gmail.com and I can even provide you with my private email address and phone number if need be.

I am grateful to you for even reading this, and our family will be grateful if you could keep Abdullah in your duahs.

Asalaam Alekum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu.


aneebaba said...

As salaamu alaikum dear Baji - I'm just curious being a medical student, do you know which cancer it is? I thought when you said "eye" that it was retinoblastoma, but then I saw you said "by the eye" and now on the neck, so that doesn't match. I would donate, but I don't earn money and what money I do spend is my Amma's so I would have to ask for permission and that's probably not going to work out at this point, so please forgive me, it'll have to be du'a for now. I do realize that medical care is expensive in Pakistan, as I have family in Karachi as well. If there is anything else that we can do, please let us know.

Baji said...

Walekum Asalaam aneebaba,

I believe the cancer is Rhabdomayosarcoma.

You are such a sweet person and as we say in my family, "kisi ki bhi duah lagsakti hai," so please keep him in your duahs.

Since few days his health has gotten worse, his little body just can't stand the chemo and he has had a really bad fever and he's been in the hospital for past 2days for blood transfusion. I've seen first hand what chemo and radiation can do to an adult (my nani passed away from cancer) so to think a little being has to tolerate so much. Breaks my heart.

aneebaba said...

As salaamu alaikum Baji,

Thanks for the info, just wanted to read up a bit to understand things better.

Aw, yeah I get that a lot, lol, but it is genuine :-)

I'm sorry to hear that the condition has worsened. Sadly, I too, have seen the effects of chemo on an adult - I lost my father (at age 53) to pancreatic cancer just two months after he was diagnosed, so I completely understand how you feel in seeing a little child having to go through such suffering such a short time after entering this world. At least we can say an adult has lived life, accomplished things, had a family,etc. Whereas little Mustapha hasn't even enjoyed the fun and bliss of childhood. Indeed, he will be in my du'as. May Allah (swt) who is the best Healer, bring him to health. Ameen. Take care Baji

Tauqeer said...

May Allah(SWT) help the kid to get better soon. Ameen