Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A French Cat in Miami (Part Une)

Bonjour peoples of Amareeca. I am uh vat you say a pussycat. Some of you may know my great grandfather, Le Chat botté. For you Amareecaan peoples who do not know of ze great and legendary Le Chat botté, then tu es completement debile!

After you are done crying from fear, let me know and I will continue the… uh how do you say the …ah yes, the introduction. Here, here is a tissue for your papa issue.

Prepare selfish greedy Amareecaans and behold mon magnificence. My name is Mango von Pierre. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Désolé, désolé. Sometimes I …how do you Amareecaans say…I…ah yes, I get carried away. I forget zat I am speaking to Amareecaans, a peoples who do not have emotions and …ah yes, lack ze capacity to understand.

Anneeways, here are my fabuleux pictures. Enjoy them and know zat you cannot have a the Mango. So move on with your life and do not cry.


Natasha said...


Carlos said...

I thought this was India....elle est tres adorable!!! whose is she???? Anyways, she's cute and all, but she is no match for ex-KGB superspy Sasha Olaechnaya!!!!

Baji said...

he's natasha's cat. we need to get a spy war on between KGB Sasha and assassin Mango