Sunday, April 26, 2009

Musings of My Beloved

My beloved has incredible musings, musings so awe-inspiring I forget to breathe. And though musings isn't the correct word for this particular example of his incredible, awe-inspiring statement, I will still use it. Because in honor of my beloved whom is most beloved to me I present a new series: "Musings of my beloved."

So the first musing to incredibly awe-inspire you is:

Last week we began to watch the "Earth" series that my beloved gifted me as part of my many birthday presents (that's right, PART of my MANY presents (that's right, be jealous (oh, you say you don't care for material goods and one present is good enough for you? (you're just saying that cause your beloved aint buyin u no mo' than one presENT (oh yes, I DID go there) ) ) ) ). And just on a sidenote: you totally have to watch the Earth series, it's AWESOME!

Ok, so one of the segments was about animals that migrate towards water blah blah and an animal was filmed which my beloved so excitedly and without hesitation pointed out as:


He even lifted his arm and pointed at the animal in the movie. What was this animal my beloved pointed out as Pocahontas?

El Hippopotamus

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india0685 said...

This is soooo funny lool.