Friday, April 24, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Alright so, has anyone ever heard of RedBox? It's like a vending machine for DVDs and they usually have them in grocery stores and walgreens. Anyways, the rental is $1 a day and if you sign up for their mailing list they give you a passcode for free rentals on a specific day. So, me (wanting to save a dollar) decided I would rent Rachel Getting Married for free.

I thought the movie would be great since I heard/read a lot of good reviews for it. Boy o boy o boy. The first 1/3 of the movie was good, it had some artsy flair to it and I thought Anne Hathaway's acting was phenomenal. The next 1/3 was aiiiiite. I was really hoping for something to happen...just happen! Something! PLEASE!! Then the last 1/3 was HORRIBLE. I FASTFORWARDED THE LAST THIRD OF THE MOVIE! it was THAT horrible. I literally...I kid you not....I literally fastforwarded the last third of the movie. YAWN........

Btw, as someone from a non-white background, I find it absolutely HILLARIOUS that these people in the movie wanted a "desi" wedding. THERE WEREN'T EVEN ANY DESIS IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE. But all the girls were in saris including the bride. And all the groomsmen whatever were in sherwanis. It was the stereotypical hippy middle class white people scenario. Except the groom was black but whatever, he's still white when I'm talking about things like this.

Has anyone else seen this movie?

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