Monday, August 3, 2009

The Eyebrows Have It

I decided that there were some famous women who needed to be recognized for something other than their acting or singing...their EYEBROWS. These legendary actresses will hopefully inspire those of you (you know who you are (wink wink)) to stop tweezing, waxing, threading your eyebrows. Let's go through the decades with these beautiful ladies and their neatly trimmed but unchanged eyebrows.

Audrey Hepburn
How beautiful does she look? Even this petite lady was able to pull of dark, full eyebrows.

Elizabeth Taylor
Classic beauty most definitely. And although the eyebrows have been shaped, the thickness is still there.

Keira Knightley
One of my favorite modern actresses; I'm glad she didn't fall into the thin eyebrows trend.

Brooke Shields
She was the epitome of youthful beauty in the 1980s, especially after Blue Lagoon.

Natalie Portman
A very talented actress who, although has tweaked her eyebrows, still retains the essence of full brows.

Jennifer Connelly
Very famous for her thick eyebrows which almost form a unibrow. I think without the eyebrows she wouldn't look half as pretty as she looks now.

Rachel Weisz
We all fell in love with her in The Mummy, and since then fell in love with her eyebrows.

The best for last. I love her eyebrows (her eyebrows in the 1980s) and I wish she hadn't thinned them out since then.

My favorite picture of Madonna's eyebrows


Zarga said...

awww thnak you Sheala! I love this post. Madonna's eyebrows are very cool:)

I have gotten over my urge to want to pluck my eyebrows, I've gotten used to them now:)

Baji said...

lol i'm glad ur over it. yay

nimat85 said...

I've always loved Liz Taylor's think eyebrows. I think they are perfect.