Monday, August 24, 2009


Haleem is one of my favorite dishes and I LOVE my mom's haleem! My mom of course uses her own recipe and makes it so yummy!

A lot of Pakistani/Indian grocery stores carry easy-to-make haleem boxes which contain everything you need to make it at home (except for the meat, of course.) So here I've posted some (ok, a lot) of pictures to show you how easy it is to make. So go ahead and try it! (And you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Bon appetit!
Picture Credit: Beloved


Zarga said...

ooooo this looks good:). I love the pictures with the labels! U made it very easy. I will try it, inchallah:) "Beloved" is a good photographer!

Baji said...

lol thanks. yeah it's really easy to he thinks even he can make it (yeah right!) lol...hows ramadan going so far?

Thirst For Knowledge said...

yumm! I used to tutor pakistani kids and they would always have haleem. It was so delicious!!! Do you by any chance have the receipe?

Baji said...

@Thirst for Knowledge

Hi! Actually haleem recipes vary even between my own family! And it's a pretty long list of required items so those of us who arent expert cooks just resort to the boxes like i pictured above or at least the Haleem Masalas that are available (with the haleem masalas u still have to use ur own grains/lentils.) I've never even bothered to ask my mom for the recipe simply cuz I'm lazy and the box pretty much makes pretty yummy haleem (not everyone makes tasty haleem so the box is still better than what a lot of ppl make.)Hope that helps!