Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have a Laugh 6

Last week I went to my local Arab grocery store (for halal meat and other deliciousness) and upon exiting the store I noticed a stack of glossy post-card-sized flyers (make sense?) So anyways the title caught my eye and I decided I had to take one and share it with you (you can thank me later.)

I had beloved scan the flyer at work, that's why it's in black and white. Then beloved introduced me to some software program thing which allowed me to add my comments. So the following is my editing and commentary to this flyer, enjoy! (oh and click on it to make it bigger) (oh and beloved forgot to scan the other side of the flyer so this is just the front)


Zarga said...

wow! this is so ridiculous! O and all the grammatical errors lol. I hope Muslims don't but these pills. And why is this in a halal store??

btw, i like how you added your comments, I didn't even know you could do that! LOL

Baji said...

yeah today fahd went to the grocery store again to get 1 or 2 things and he said the store was selling the pills for 20 bucks lol. i hope ppl dont try to "prove" that these pills are "halal" to use for fasting. and if ppl are that old that they need supplements then it's not even obligatory on them anymore. enjoy ur damn day and eat ur peach cobbler is what i would say to those oldies. (was that rude?) lol

Zarga said...

ahahaha Peach cobbler!