Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julie & Julia & Us & Our Cookbooks

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Julie & Julia
2.2 chapatis + .3 chapatis just because it's about food = 2.5 chapatis

I felt refreshed after this movie, it was like taking a walk through a beautiful garden on a perfectly windy day. This movie didn't have the typical movie formula (antagonist and protagonist, challenges and side-stories, climax and meaningful ending)...ok there maybe was a meaningful ending...but I can't tell you everything.

What I did love about this movie was that I ended up wanting to pop open those gazillion cookbooks that are so neatly filed into my bookshelf. Let's face it, we buy cookbooks mostly because they're either on sale (don't be shy, we all browse the Barnes&Noble Bargain bookshelves,) or we catch one of the many cooking shows on the Food Network and think if that fat guy can do it I can do it too, or we go to a country (Morocco's tagines and appetizers will forever haunt my culinary dreams) whose food we like, or we eat something different and exciting at a friend's house and hope we can prepare something just as awesome so our beloveds will forever be in our debt.

Alas, we end up collecting cookbooks for whatever reason tickled our fancy and we open the books only to find out that buying all those ingredients for that one dish will be moderately cash-consuming. Not to mention who has the space to store an ingredient we might just use only once and sometimes just use one teaspoon of it, (darn you, Indian cookbooks!) Because let's face it, we bought the book to cook the dishes we thought were easy enough for us to cook, and that ends up being anywhere from 2-7 dishes in a 100 dish book. So we put away our cookbooks promising ourselves that one day we'll visit it again.

My suggestion: Watch this movie and ladies your promised day may come sooner. I do recommend watching this movie even with your husband (who may be hesitant at first because it's a supposed "chickflick".) It's a 2.5hr long movie but you won't even once look at your watch to check the time. Check out Julie & Julia in theatres before it hits DVD, and the experience will be better, plus you'll love seeing Paris in the early 1950s on a bigger screen.

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