Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Married Couples Be Aware!!

I came across this video on youtube, it's from a series about how shaytan speaks to you. Someone times we say the meanest things when we argue with our spouse, and things that we really regret in the end:(

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Zarga said...

Man, this guy who plays shaytan, always scares me:((

Baji said...

i bet this scenario plays out in a lot of marriages. there's also i think in the Quran that during Prophet Sulaiman's time, Allah tested the people by sending down 2 angels who knew magic and Allah wanted to test if these people would learn the magic or not. And the Quran says that the most important magic those ppl wanted to learn was how to tear apart a husband and wife. SubhanAllah there MUST BE something between a husband and wife that evil just always wants to tear apart.

Zarga said...

Thanks I didn't know that. InchAllah our marriges remain strong:)