Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Islamic TV

In case, you don't know about this website or any other websites to watch Islamic channels, I came across this one

Just choose the language and then you can choose the channel you want to watch. They're all live streaming channels. Under English, there's Peace TV India, UK, and USA, Huda TV, Press TV, etc..


Posted by Zarga


Najam said...

Well its cool but not everything that comes on these channels is Islam. You've to be very selective on the content you're watching and its authenticity. There's a lot of crap that goes on under the name of Islam. Due to the growing need of the hour, many dim-witted so-called scholars are on TV even experienced scholars sometimes do things or they have to agree on certain things due to certain reasons on TV.

We've to understand Islam isn't what a mullah/alim would speak about on TV, it comes from its scripture and requires an intellect to research and look into it.

Baji said...


thanks for the link, for some reason my internet is really slow these days so It's not playing properly on my laptop.


I pretty much agree with your point. However I can't really comment on this since the only channel I have really watched is PeaceTV and even that I've seen it occasionaly. But without naming names, I was shocked to see this one scholar ,who I totally don't understand why he's so famous, on the network. Apparently he has an hour long show or whatever. But it did make me think the same thing as you.
But I guess in the end it's up to all of us to double check everything and not just take every word of every scholar as Islam. I don't my friend Jameelah can testify, I'm really poorly educated when it comes to scholars and which ones preach what.


aneebaba said...

Just to add, I have a toolbar from a site called islamweb20 ( and it has many links and feeds from different Islamic blogs around the web. It also has access to free Islamic Tv (Peace TV from Dubai, US and UK, ShareIslamTV (Y. Estes) and many many others in the Middle East, so check it out if you're interested.

Baji said...

thanks aneebaba,

i'll be sure to check out ur links. and i love peacetv (i actually get it on my tv) but i still havent worked out the timings and all for the programs and i usually end up with some old dude teaching arabic (no disrespect to the old dude,lol, or to arabic.)