Monday, September 14, 2009

This man is a genius

It's things like this that are so hard for an American of my pop cultural generation to explain to non-Americans (aka Poops) why this is so funny. Or am I the only one who thinks this is funny?
Well, better yet, I'll be George Bush for a second: If you find this funny, you're American. If you...if you...uh if you don't find this funny you're uh you're not're the enemy (aka Poops.)


Najam said...

I find it.. strange!!! :s

mint.fresh.muslim said...

lol I recognise the name of the sitcom but can honestly say I've never watched a single episode in my life :-) Btw, is that man real or a dummy?

Baji said...

lol i've never really seen an episode of that's so raven either (at least not that i'll admit lol.)

that's zach galifianakis! check him out on youtube he's got such a different style of comedy...esp. when he's on the piano. he's also been in some movies.