Friday, September 11, 2009


Thanks to tuttie from Trying to Take Over the World, the spanish lady hasn't called me yet!

To find out the story behind this, read this post and this post.

thanks again!


.::Tuttie::. said...

no biggie inshaAllah she doesn't call any more. If she does though just let me know and I will keep trying until I get a live person. I didn't speak to anyone I just left an awkward message in her answering machine.

Zarga said...

Yay! I'm glad the saga is over for u! But it was really to hear about it lool

Baji said...


hey whatever u did it apparently worked (so far, at least lol) cuz she hasn't called.

and don't say no biggie; in this day and age when a muslim sister helps out another muslim sister it's refreshing. no matter what the thing is. it kinda renews ur faith in people...
pardon my sentimentality lol...i'm just hopped up on some sugar!
btw thanks for doing all those polyvore outfits with sears stuff. i had never been to sears before and i was like hmm she apparently found some great low-priced items there so let me go check it out.
it was a mess there but i DID find some nice pieces for soooo low. so thanks for that too!

Baji said...



btw are u coming to chicago for Eid or what?! lol