Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Olive Chicken Tajine...Without the tajine!

Tajines are a big part of Algerian cooking, the most famous ones are olive chicken tajine and chicken tajine with dates:)

This weekend I made olive chicken tajine, without the tajine pot lol. I haven't been able to find one, the only one I saw was at Ikea, but I don't know, I didn't really like it. So anyways, it's super easy to make tajine without it, just use a pressure cooker, or a relugar large pot with a lid.

Carrots ( I used 4)

1 large onion

2 garlic cloves

1 tblsp of tumeric, pepper, cinnamon

1 pinch of salt (go very light on the salt, bc the olives are already salty)
1 regular sized jar of olives ( I used the green ones, with the red pepper inside)

1/2-1 cup of water

Chicken breast

4 regular sized potatoes
parsley ( I used cilantro)

Caramelize the onions in olive oil, after 3, 4 minutes add chopped garlic

add the carrots...

Once the carrots have softened, add the chicken ( I used two chicken breasts). Cook the chicken until it becomes kind of golden

add the spices, except the tumeric, add the olives. Let the chicken cook a few more minutes.

add the tumeric, potatoes, parsley, or cilantro.
Now add the water start with 1/2 a cup, cover and pressure cook for 15-20 minutes. Check every now and then to see if you want to add more water...

Voila! Hope u liked the recipe:)

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pics, but my camera wasn't working, so I had to use my blueberry lol (wink wink Sheala).

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