Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ramadan Commercials

I should have posted these earlier but it's still Ramadan, Alhumdulillah, so enjoy! Some of them I've seen on the Pakistani channels we have and some I just came across on youtube.
The first set is ads by Olper's (Milk brand) and they're from this year as well as years before:

I like this next one from Olper's because of the two kids who seem to be fasting for the first time.

A Haleeb (also a milk brand) commercial:

Coca-Cola ads:

This next one is found in many languages but I'm posting the Urdu one. The baby is shocked at how amazing everything is during this month. He sees that his brother and sister aren't fighting, when he cries and wakes up in the morning and his mom takes him outside he sees everyone is already up before him, and he sees how everyone at the end is gathered together at the table to eat and says "wow what a fantastic month this is, can't we do this all the time?"

I don't know about other countries, but a child's first Roza (fast) is celebrated (not like a grand party but just everyone is happy and does special things.) Like that Olper's ad above with the kids above who were fasting for the first time and so their whole family was happy and now this ad is very touching. It's a family whose driver (who apparently lives nearby in a smaller house) tells the family that his son is fasting for the first time so the kids of the first family do something sweet (watch the ad for it.) Wall's is an ice cream company.

And now, by far, the funniest Ramadan ad I have ever seen:

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