Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 101!

Hey everyone!

Wow it's almost one year since we started blogging here and now we've done a century (cricket-speak) of posts! celebrate, we're going to be giving away a couple of small gifts. But there's still a catch! In order to receive one of the gifts, you have to provide a caption for the following picture:

It can be any caption your imagination comes up with and you can submit as many as you want. The only rule is that you have to submit them to

So what are the gifts? (Prizes, actually.)

The person with the best caption receives this beautiful paranda or as I call them, "chooTeli," which is basically braided into your hair and fancy ones like this are commonly worn by girls during wedding festivities.

The person with the best caption will ALSO receive one of these tiny bottles of ittar (non-alcoholic perfume.) Ittar are my favorite! They last long and smell great. These bottles, however, are for men. So it can be a nice tiny present for the dad, brother, or husband in your life (unless you're a dude then you can try this one out on yourself and give the chooTeli to your sister.)


Polo Black

And my personal favorite, HOgo Boss. (sigh) I love Karachi.

Two others with great captions will ALSO receive one of the bottles pictured above (they're pinky-sized!)
So don't be shy, even if you've never commented on here before...go ahead and submit a caption to and win one of these totally rad prizes! The "deadline" will be Thursday, February 18th at 7pm EST. Zarga and I will post the winners and their captions on the next day. And we will contact the winners via email for their shipping addresses.
So thank you from the gals at Amreeki Choraha for taking time to read our posts and making us feel loved!

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