Saturday, February 6, 2010

L.A. wedding part 2

So this was the Mehndi function for Poops' friend and his wife. We entered into a huge hall lined up with appetizers and then proceeded into an even larger area where the event was going to take place. We (we were from the groom's side, of course) sat at our tables and waited for it all to begin...which took soooo long. I guess some desi things (like being on time) don't change despite being in "the west."
This is some of the "traditional stuff."

Here's the groom with two of his buddies taking pictures on the stage before all the hoop-la begins.

Finally! After waiting so long, the bridal party comes out with the bride underneath that flower canopy. There was also a live band as you can see in the back. I don't have a picture of the bride and the groom sitting on the stage together because, well...I got busy. I was the only female (aside from the groom's mom) from the groom's side! And I barely know the fella!

I was thinking the same thing, little kids, the same thing.

It's hard to believe these kids slept through this:

And this was just a snippet of what the whole song and dance portion of the Mehndi function was like.


MuslimFirst said...
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Southern Masala said...

Wow, interesting, I've only been to two Pakistani weddings and one was my own (both in Karachi), so it is interesting to see one from State side.

Zarga said...

well we had a nice time that night:) I love getting dressed up for weddings:)

Baji said...

@southern masala

yeah apparently the state side ones are getting to be just as big and "cultural" as the ones back home. i do remember going to a wedding when i was in my early teens, it was the daughter of my dad's friend. and it was just a huge hall, normal stage with the bride and groom, plenty of round tables, and no decorations whatsoever. i guess bollywood and the fact that so many desi things are easily available now has inspired weddings these days.


i know! u looked so beautiful!