Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Poops became Poops

I've been asked why I call my husband Poops. So, let's explore!

People closest to me know that I'm not the most affectionate person in the world. So it's extremely rare that anyone would hear a term of endearment come out of my mouth, unless, of course, it's directed towards a baby (love the babies!) I also used to be a big fan of the show, A Different World. Anyone remember that show? Remember Whitley and Dwayne?

Well since it's a pretty old show, there were always reruns of it at odd hours on local channels. And I noticed how Whitley always called Dwayne, Pookie. And of course I thought I'm going to do the same. So I started calling my husband Pookie at first just to tease him and we'd always laugh (well I'd laugh.)

Then, it became an ongoing name. Pookie where are you? Pookie pookie pookie whats up? It got to the point that even my friends would make fun of the name and they would giggle and whisper, "pOOkieee," whenever I spoke to Pookie on the phone near them.

As time progressed, Pookie became Poopie. Don't ask me how. I think Darwin is still working on it.

And then, of course, who wants to constantly say a two syllable nickname? So Poopie became ...get ready for it....POOPS! ta-daaaa!


MuslimFirst said...

Hahah, mystery solved!. Thanks Baji! (again, this is the former aneebaba)

Zarga said...

I remember the days when you used to call Poops Pookie lol:)

MuslimFirst said...

Forgot to mention - NICE widescreen TV! When can I come over to watch? hehe :-D