Monday, February 15, 2010

Pizza Challenge

I confess that I haven't had Domino's pizza in a really long time (almost a decade maybe.) Poops and I have been Pizza Hut fans. So when Domino's came out with their new recipe (and Zarga told me a couple of weeks ago that she liked the new recipe) I decided I'd try it. And what better day to taste-test pizza than on Super Bowl sunday?

Poops, however, was adamant that we only have Pizza Hut. So of course, we ordered from both. The top one is Pizza Hut and the bottom is Domino's. I LOVED IT! I think I'm finally over Pizza Hut's greasy slices (not that I'm totally going to abandon it, though) and I love the new Domino's pizza. It was finally a fulfilling pizza that didn't leave your mouth oily. I especially liked that I could actually taste the olives and mushrooms in my pizza compared to just tasting grease in the Pizza Hut version. It also had a (very)little kick in terms of "spicy-ness."

So next time you order pizza, give it a try. Even if you have someone like Poops in your home who refuses to taste anything other than Pizza Hut.

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1 comment:

Zarga said...

I'm glad you like the new dominoe's pizza:) Like you said it really is less greasy than Pizza Hut, it kinda makes you feel less guilty about eating so many slices lol.