Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not all that looks delicious...

is delicious.

Beware of false advertisement. Although, come to think of it, the oranges should have been a giveaway. Chocolate and orange?! Never!


MuslimFirst said...

Well, maybe in this case orange+chocolate = not so nice, but sometimes, when you get those little boxes of assorted chocolates, some have the orange flavor in them, which is ok, but yeah I agree, they are not a good mix, especially in this case.

Zarga said...

Yea what's up with the oranges? lol Are they candy? or real?
This cake looks like a stomach ache waiting to happen!

Baji said...


I dont like mixing fruits with chocolates, i'm not even a fan of the chocolates with the cherry in them or even chocolate covered strawberries! lol

I dont even remember what it was, real or candy lol. My older aunt in toronto brought it over for Eid and i thought it was so pretty. I had the first slice....and i went around the whole house making everyone taste from it. lol